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Why stainless steel pipe fittings corrosion
source锛殻time锛2012-2-21 11:07:59

All metals and the reaction of atmospheric oxygen, in the surface oxide film. Unfortunately, ordinary carbon steel in the form of iron oxide to continue to expand corrosion and eventually the formation of holes. Can paint or oxidation-resistant metal (such as zinc, nickel and chromium)led tube in carbon steel plating to ensure, however, as people know it, this protection is only one kind of film. If the protective layer is damaged, the following started to rust the steel. stainless steel pipe fittings depends on the corrosion resistance of chromium, but because chromium is a component of the steel, the method of protection is different.

The addition of chromium reached in 10.5%, the atmospheric corrosion resistant steel increased significantly, but the chromium content higher, although still improve corrosion resistance, but not obvious. The reason is the steel with chromium alloying processing, the surface oxide into the type of change is similar to pure chromium metal oxides formed on the surface. This tight adhesion of chromium-rich oxide to protect the surface against further oxidation. This very thin oxide layers, it can be seen through the surface of the natural luster of steel, stainless steel pipe fittings to make a unique surface. Moreover, if damaged surface, the exposed steel surface and atmospheric response to self-repair, re-formation of such oxide "passive film", to continue to play a protective role.

Therefore, all the stainless steel pipe fittings elements have a common characteristic,Stainless Steel Pipe that is, chromium were above 10.5%.

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